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Personal diary and business notes in one app? You like structuring information endlessly or you are happy with simple tags? You prefer not to be tied to extraneous services? Here it is!

We want Better Things to be not “one more notes app” but a combination of clean interface, rich functionality and flexible settings to let anyone adjust Better Things for his own needs and make journaling comfortable: create, change, manage, share, and display your ideas and precious moments in different ways at any time.

Our users are saying...
«Rare gem… Cool features that scratch most of your journaling/note-taking itches… »
«This is an app that doesn't disappoint... Yes, it's a journal, but it's also ideal for task management, and for keeping rich-text notes. »
«This is the only real good journaling app that I found that delivers what others don’t for one reason or another. »
«If you need to collect thoughts randomly, as I do, and retrieve logically, then this app is near perfect. »
«Awesome for journaling. »
«I'm really excited by the excellent work and support of the people there. »

Effortless journaling
Plain notes or diary
You can have journals of different styles for different purposes in one app: everyday diary with big, calendar-like dates, or structured storage of notes.
No account needed
Better Things doesn't require you to register on any service. For synchronization, you can use your iCloud account or export your entries to a local file.
Passcode and biometry
Secure your entries with a four digit passcode and Touch ID or Face ID technologies. You can set a passcode for the app or a journal.
Writing reminders
Better Things will remind you to make a record - hourly, daily, yearly.

Add any number of journals and easily switch among them. Each journal has individual sorting and grouping settings.
Organize your entries into folders and create hierarchies with as many levels as you could think of. Folders are optional so you can hide them and see a full list of the entries.
Mark and group your entries by assigning tags to them. Besides the name, every tag can have a color assigned so you could distinguish tagged entries easily.
Move entries to the archive or delete them permanently. There is an option for that.

Check and edit
It's easy to add to-do checklists to entries.
Rich text
You can make text bold, italic or underlined. You don't even need to select a word - just tap it or move the cursor to it. Undo and Redo operations, conventional for every text editor, are also supported in Better Things.
Making a list, numbered or bullet-like, with an indent, is as easy as tapping a button.
Swipe cursor
In Better Things, it's easy to position the cursor in your entry: just slide your finger to the left or right to move it by one symbol.

Clean and uncluttered
Better Things makes note-taking nice and easy, thanks to the combination of minimalistic clean interface and rich functionality.
Dark mode
Better Things has support for themes including a dark one for night mode.

Collect and share
Get your data backed up on iCloud and synchronized across all your devices.
Export and import
You can export your journals or individual entries to PDF or TXT formats. Also you can save your journals to a local file and import it at any time on any supported device.
Open your entries in another app on the device or get your entry's plain or formatted copy and send it as an email or message.
Also you can print all your entries including images.

Capture and record
Add as many images and audio recordings to your entries as you wish. You'll find atachments from all your entries in the attachments browser.
Preview images in the entry itself or in fullscreen mode.
You can make an audio record or import one from iCloud Drive.

One more thing...
Look into your past with the calendar.
Full-text search
All the content of your entries is indexed for faster searching in text and titles.
Sorting and grouping
Sort folders, entries, tags, attachments in many ways. Just tap the top bar and select preferences you need.
Date editing
You can edit creation and modification dates of your entries so it's easy to log events even a month after the events happened and still have the perfect timeline.

Paid version
Free version
with in-app purchase
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