Better Things

Privacy policy

1. Designations:

1.1. The application "Better Things" further referred to as "Better Things" or "the Application".

1.2. The operating system further referred to as "OS".

2. Our privacy policy identifies what user data the Aplication collects, how it collects and how it uses that data.

3. The Application can require user to grant access to certain OS functionality (for example, camera, microphone, media library) which is necessary for creating or importing content in the Application.

4. User generated content created using the Application, imported to the Application and associated data (e.g. automatically generated) further referred to as "Application Data":

4.1. Text.

4.2. Images.

4.3. Audio.

4.4. Metadata (e.g. creation or modification date, tags etc.).

5. Application Data is stored locally on user's device and, if enabled, on iCloud.

6. The Application uses Fabric and Crashlytics components which collect anonymous analytical information from user device (e.g operating system version, device type, access time, crash logs). This information is stored on Fabric's servers.

7. According to user's OS permission settings, the analytical information on the Application usage may be collected and transmitted to Apple servers by Apple Analytics system service.

8. The Application provides user with the ability of exporting entries to other applications. Also user can export Application Data backup via iTunes on a personal computer.

9. Deleting the Application from user's device is enough for all the data to be deleted. In order to delete any application data stored on iCloud, user can either delete it in the Application and then synchronize or use the OS tools.

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